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Resources for Hope

re·or·i·ent: change the focus or direction of

 We are reorienting our weekly email to provide some sacred content and ways to connect to each other and worship opportunities. This act of reorienting is a spiritual act that we can all live into during Lent, virus outbreaks, changing seasons, and the new way of
being in the world.
      Imagine how you have reoriented your priorities, schedule, dreams & hopes, fears, routines, and interactions with other people and all creation. To change the focus and direction is a way of saying “repent” and its also a way to claim transformation and resurrection.  Blessings as you reorient.

For care or prayers, contact Pastor Sarah at revsarahmerchant@gmail.com or 406-777-5443

Breathe deeply with Yoga

Eat well and simply

Pitch in for Spring Cleaning

Write a Psalm: full of joy, anger, lamenting, and thanksgiving. It all counts.

Write cards & call friends for a chat.

Listen to Live Performances of your favorite music.