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Sapphire Early Learning Center

SUMC has a vision to construct and open an early childhood learning center for Spring 2021.

This community asset would include:

  • Safe, year-round care for children ages 0-12 years including preschool and after school programming.
  • Support for working families with extended hours of care, five days a week.
  • Enhanced playground to serve as a neighborhood park after business hours.
  • Employment opportunities for 10-20 people.
  • Improved, tech-enriched gathering space for community partners such as school, WIC, scouts, Red Cross Blood Drives, and small businesses needing a large meeting area.

Projected Timeline for SELC

  • June 7, 2020 Final approval of church body
  • June 2020: Planning & Zoning, Town Council approval
  • Sept. 2020: Break ground on construction  (Construction hours: M-F, 7am-4pm)
  • Jan-May 2021: Hiring and training teachers, enrolling students
  • May 1, 2021: Open Doors to SELC

SUMC prides itself on being a “village” for families and children. This community of faith cares for members and visitors with church programming and the more intangibles of mentoring kids during the week, being a safe space that appreciates each child just as they are, and championing the growth and spark of God within. This dedication to kids and families extends to the partnerships offered to Women Infants & Children (WIC), Pantry Partners, Clothes Closet, Stevensville Public Schools, Scouts & 4-H.  Likewise, our current (& future) building provides meeting space for small businesses and public forums, a heartbeat of town.

Meanwhile, the Early Childhood Education capacity in Stevensville and the County falls way below the need. A recent study from Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services, Early Childhood Services Bureau stated that Ravalli County has the capacity to care for only 35.6% of children and only 29% of infants & toddlers (Sept 2019). The population in Stevensville grew in 2019 by 4.65% over a five-year trend, leading us to believe that this growth trend will continue. There is a need for childcare early childhood learning in Stevensville, especially for working and single-parent families.

Questions: Email steviumc@gmail.com subject “SELC” or call 406-777-5443