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About Us

As disciples of Christ, we offer a path to hope, inclusion and purpose for a community in need of healing care, community engagement, faith formation and compassionate love.

Our Values


Live faith seriously with worship, study and action.

Variety of Perspective

The DNA formed during the union of the North and South churches leads to honoring spaces of education, growth, and connection with the diversity of God’s creation. (theology, politics, economics, identity, accessibility)

Village and Community

All people are beloved of God, made in God’s image and worth. Care extends with prayer, support, trust, acceptance, and hospitality.

Spiritual Engagement

Find meaning through a medium that invites many talents, expressions of faith, and a place of connection and growth including music, play, and fellowship.

Rev. Sarah Merchant

Our Pastor

Sarah is a native of the Rocky Mountains, growing up in Wyoming, serving in Colorado, and now enjoying the Big Sky of Montana.


At SUMC you are invited to participate in all ministries and programs of the church. If there is anything you need to make your presence with us welcoming and supportive please let any member know – they’ll know who to talk to in order to make things happen!

Assistive Listening Devices

Portable devices with earphones are available  for those who have difficulty hearing. Let an usher know when you enter the sanctuary.

Gluten Free

 We have gluten-free communion wafers available. Just let the pastor know when you come forward that you’d prefer a wafer.
Our fellowship time (following worship) and most other events at Stevensville UMC offer gluten-free items for your enjoyment.

Wheel Chair Accessibility

The church is accessible through the doors off the parking lot (corner of Pine/E. 3rd Streets).  There are three spaces, one for a van, in the parking lot for those with approved vehicle displays. There are two additional reserved spaces on College Street (in front of the church). A lower ramp gives access to the building from the parking lot. The lower level of the church is completely accessible except for the area around the choir/communion table.

Accessible Print

Large-print worship items are available at our services, just let an usher know of your preferences.

Service Animals

We welcome all service animals.


Accessible restrooms for wheelchairs and/or walkers on lower level. A unisex restroom is upstairs.